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About Wecycle

Wecycle organises the collection and recycling of electrical appliances and energy-saving lighting (e-waste). Wecycle aims to collect as much e-waste as possible, and to this end collaborates with municipalities, charity shops, retailers, the education sector and consumers. Wecycle handles the responsible collection of e-waste on behalf of the manufacturers and importers and guarantees high-grade recycling in environmental terms.


The manufacturers and importers are held legally accountable for the responsible collection and recycling of discarded electrical appliances and energy-saving lighting. Wecycle acts as the executive organisation on their behalf. Relying on a compact team, Wecycle efficiently and effectively organises the nation-wide collection and high-grade recycling of e-waste. See Objectives and results. On behalf of the manufacturers and importers, Wecycle furthermore handles the monitoring and reporting to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.


Wecycle wants to gain a well-founded insight into, for example, the composition and characteristics of electrical waste and how consumers behave when possessing and discarding such items. It is also important to gain an insight into the so-called complementary streams: where does the e-waste that is not collected by Wecycle end up? To this end, Wecycle has ordered a variety of studies to be conducted. See the Media Library for an overview.


Wecycle works on behalf of seven product foundations, whose combined membership totals 1,500 manufacturers and importers.

These foundations are Stichting Bruingoed, Stichting ICT Milieu, Stichting LightRec, Stichting Metalektro Recycling, Stichting Verwijdering Centrale Ventilatoren, Stichting Verwijdering Elektrische Gereedschappen and Stichting Witgoed.

In addition, Wecycle renders services to the Dutch Foundation Disposal Metalelectro Products (NVMP Foundation) in which the client foundations coordinate their respective policies and determine the funding of the system. The website contains more information about the NVMP Foundation and the product foundations, including the annual reports of these foundations.


Wecycle is a trademark of the NVMP Foundation and ISO certified.